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Hi, thanks for visiting the site

Thanks for visiting the site!

The Bobby Day Fakebooks are a collection of 400 page volumes ( 5 so far, working on the 6th! ) containing great Rock, R&B, Country, Blues & Jazz tunes that Iíve written out over the years.Iíve condensed them into a consistent format that includes words, chords and any nuances in the song, whether itís a bass part or a guitar part etc. A song will span only 1 or 2 open pages (most of the time, at least). Which makes it much easier on the reader (you donít have to turn pages).


I started writing tunes out because I couldnít remember parts or words if I havenít played the song in awhile. Eventually when I got together with musicians weíd use the books as a reference and finally even perform live using the books.


At lot of musicians initially frown on the sight-reading learning curvebut it really DOES pay off in the long run. How many songs can you keep in your memory? Iíve found musicians my age, 50 60 (and more), are stuck playing the same tunes they learned when they were 15. I get excited playing tunes that I havenít played in awhile. Makes it interesting.


I recently ran a jam session here in NYC that used the books as a starting point. Keeps everybody on the same page. Ever been to a jam that goes nowhere cause musicians donít know the words or the chords to the tunes they start? These books help prevent that Ďmusician noodlingí we all dread.


Check out the site and download the charts. The site is constantly being updated and new charts are added frequently. So Enjoy!




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